These days I don’t work all that many days a week, I’m looking for something better and closer to my field (economics, if you know of any jobs please contact me), and I found a way that I could potentially use some of this time. To put it bluntly: I’ve been lazy. Although, this is my summer break in a way. Seeing as I’ll be in school again soon, which means that it’s a distinct possibility that I won’t have time to participate in February Album Writing Month, or FAWM. If you have time you should do it. It’s a daunting task, but the challenge is fun. Instead I’m going to try to write and record a ten-track (minimum) album in 48 hours. I need to write more and what better an excuse than to push out ten songs in two days. I might be able to do fourteen, but that might be a stretch. I’ll post the results here in, hopefully, just under 48 hours. Updates might be available more frequently on twitter, check there. The “theme” will be loosely based on Rain and Convertible, two instrumental tracks I wrote in November. They are currently up on my Soundcloud. Take a listen while you wait for the results.
     Ready. Set. Go.