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     At long last I bestow upon you another album, In Living Time. Mixing/mastering is a ridiculously tedious process for me (especially after trying to “perfect” the tracks) and I’m sufficiently inexperienced in the art to feel comfortable at pretty much any stage of the process. I am, however, reasonably satisfied with my results, or at least happy enough with them to share. It’s kind of meant to be a soundtrack of sorts, but I don’t really have any video to track it to, so it’s standalone in a way. It’s also meant to be a sequel of sorts to the first album (You, Future!). .I’ve listened to these tunes hundreds of times at this point and I think it’s high time that you got to hear the mostly finished versions as well. I’ll likely touch up Disappearance at some point, but I’m done for now and I need to move on. Half of these songs were starts that began during my first attempt at a 48-hour album, the rest are songs that I started before or after that crazy blitz. At any rate here’s the link, I hope you enjoy (be sure to tell your friends all about it).