I write less often than I ought to, but as time seems to fly by faster it feels more important to me to mark occasions and reflect. What happened in 2016?


  • Places I visited: Chicago, Dublin, and London for the first time. Berlin and Columbus (both for the first time in over a decade). Las Vegas. Portland.
  • I got to see my sisters, a couple of my nieces, and my new grand-nephew.


  • I started painting!
  • I took a bunch of photos on my phone, some of which I’ll print.
  • I failed to write any new music, but I tried.


  • I learned swift, go, and for real learned how javascript.
  • I built out an automation framework from scratch for 2 iOS apps (and contributed heavily to a third).
  • I got to speak publicly about my work in software quality assurance (particularly about iOS automation and internal tools).


  • I subscribed to the newspaper, because I feel that it’s important to explicitly support journalism that distributes truth and, for the first time, I felt that I was able to.
  • Life continues to be very strange.