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seven out of ten

     That’s how many songs I happened to write in a 48-hour period, they’re on my soundcloud at the moment, so there are the results if you want to hear them. I’d advise you to wait, though, except for 40th floor. It’s pretty much finished. It wasn’t too immense a task, and I think I could do it given better foresight. The goal was 10 songs in 48 hours, I settled on a two-minute minimum for each song. Mostly I was looking for sketches, ideas for songs that could provide some inspiration for full-fledged efforts. I’m currently working at improving those loose sketches I produced during the project. Most of these are good starts I think, I’m planning on releasing a set of more palatable tunes here fairly soon. I need to re-record vocals, mix most of them, and do some final tweaking then they ought to be ready for consumption by you! (Aren’t you excited? Hurray!) This ought to be a quick process, under a week, perhaps. I might be able to get it done by next week when I will suddenly have no life or time or sanity. Okay, I’ll still retain my sanity — hopefully. Well, I’ll have something for you at any rate, even if it’s half an album. Oh that’s all, I think, except: